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Effective Learning Process

Educational Process

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Step 1

First Signing-up

First, you need to sign up at IslamTeaching.com

It would take you only a few seconds.

Step 2

Enroll in a Course

When you are logged in, you’ll be allowed to enroll in any of the course. If you are ready, you can enroll in any of the courses by paying online.

Step 3

Book Online Session

When you are enrolled, you will be given lifetime access to the course, including videos, quizzes, PDFs, and audio files. You can also book an online class, grouped or one-on-one.

Step 4

Assessments & Exams

During the course and after finishing the course, there will be assessments and you will be awarded a certificate if you gain 60+

Join us today to Learn the teachings of Islam.

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