Rules of Meem sakin (میم ساکن)1 min read

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Rules of Meem sakin میم ساکن

Rules of Meem sakin (میم ساکن)

The Meem saakin (میم ساکن) has three possible rules:

  1. IKHFA (Hiding) – اخفاء
  2. IDGHAM (Merging) – ادغام
  3. IZHAR (Clear) – اظهار

Definition of IKHFA: اخفاء

If a Meem is followed immediately by a Baa and this only occurs between two words, we then close our lips for the Meem with an accompanying ghunnah.

For example;

وما هم بمؤمنين، يعتصمْ بالله

Defination of IDGHAM: ادغام

The meeting of a saakinah letter with a voweled letter so that the two letters become one emphasized letter of the second type (of letter). The idgham of the Meem saakinah occurs only with one letter – another Meem.

For example;

اليكُمْ مُرسلون

Defination of IZHAR: اظهار

Pronouncing every letter from its articulation point without a ghunnah [in this case, without a prolonged ghunnah] on the clear letter.

Its letters: 26 letters, the rest of the Arabic letters after excluding the letters of ikhfa and idghaam of the meem saakinah.

For example

لَمْ يلِدْ ولم يُولَدْ

Meaning of GHUNNAH: غنة

Ghunnah it is a sound that is emitted from the nasal passage, without any function of the tongue.

JazakAllahu Khairan for reading. If you have found this information beneficial, please share it with your loved ones and friends. May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts.

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