Surah Al-Mutaffifin with English and Urdu Translation2 min read

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Surah Al-Mutaffifin with English and Urdu Translation



Summary of Surah Al-Mutaffifin

Mutaffifin is Makki Surat, it has 36 verses, this Surah also discusses basic beliefs, the officials and Ahl of the Day of Al -Qa’im are particularly mentioned in it, but in the early verses it is condemned. “Tatfif” is suffering from moral weakness, “Tatfif” means to reduce the weight of the weight, it is intended: Great error is that of those who reduce the weight when they measure them. If you measure or weigh them, then give less. Some gentlemen have expanded the scope of the reduction. Even in revealing and hiding the defect, even in taking and giving justice, the person who wants full justice for himself but does not do justice to others is “Mutaf” in the eyes of Allah. The same person who does not like the thing that he likes for his Muslim brother, as well as the person who sees the defects of the people but does not see his defect. Likewise, those who ask for their rights but do not pay for their rights, of them deserve the promise that is here for the Matfin. So what do you think about yourself that you call the wealth of the people After the condemnation of the nutrients of the measure, the fate of the black hearts and the wicked who strives to extinguish the light of Allah, then there is a mention of the blessings and Abrar against them, which is the eternal blessings in the Hereafter. Will come. At the end of the Surat, it is said that these black hearts used to make fun of Allah’s righteous servants in the world, but on the Day of Judgment, the matter will be reversed and the righteous will make fun of these wicked.

سورة المطففین کا خلاصہ

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