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Surah An-Naba with English and Urdu Translation



Summary of Surah An-Naba’

Surah Al-Naba is Makki; it has 40 verses and two bows, and the topic of this Surah is “Resurrection after Death”. What do these people question about this great news about which they are disputing? (31) Some affirm it, and some deny it; some hesitate, and some affirm it. Hadhrat Mujahid, may Allah have mercy on him, has taken Nabaa al-Azeem (bad news) to mean the Great Quran. There is no doubt that the greatest news and the greatest word is the Quran itself. It is known that the Great Prophet refers to the Day of Resurrection. The proofs of God’s power and the different scenes of the Day of Resurrection and Paradise and Hell are mentioned in the next verses. The couple can make sleep a source of comfort, clothing for the night, sustenance for the day, and a lamp in the sky that illuminates the whole world (162). And the last will be collected, and justice will be done between them (17). After justice and reckoning, someone’s abode will be heaven, and someone else will be hell (21.37). There is no doubt about its occurrence; despite Allah being extremely kind and merciful, no one will be able to speak before Allah. Oh, I wish I would be happy to hear this decision! I would be dust (39_40). One of the meanings of being dust is that I would not have been born. Second, I would not have been arrogant and would have been poor and humble like clay. The third meaning is that I was not a human being but an animal, and I would have been reduced to dust like the animals so that I would have been sold to the punishment of hell. He will do this when he sees that animals are resurrected like humans. But after resurrecting them and settling their mutual affairs, they were ordered to turn to dust.

سورۃ النباء کا خلاصہ

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