The Finality of Prophethood2 min read

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The Finality of Prophethood

The reverence and honor of every prophet are essential, and any disrespect or insult towards a prophet leads a person outside the fold of Islam, starting from the least to the most severe forms. The prophets hold different ranks among themselves, with some having more virtues than others, and the most eminent among them is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

You are the leader of all prophets; you, peace be upon him, were sent for all mankind, and you are the prophet for all worlds. Similarly, the prophets, peace be upon them, also hold the status of being prophets. You, peace be upon him, were granted knowledge beyond what any other received, including the exclusive knowledge that only Allah, the Exalted, possesses.

Hazrat Isa (عليه السلام), is a prophet and messenger of Allah, the Exalted. To consider him the son of Allah is a blasphemous belief, and the Quran has explicitly refuted this false belief. Hazrat Isa (عليه السلام), was created by Allah Ta’ala, without a father, and he was not crucified; instead, he was raised to the heavens. Near the Day of Judgment, he will descend from the heavens to the earth.

The blessed body of the Prophet (), is buried in his honorable chamber. He is the last prophet and messenger of Allah Almighty. His Shariah (law) and book abrogate all previous laws and books. After him, no prophet will come until the Day of Judgment. Anyone who claims prophethood after him is indeed an apostate and heretic, and those who follow him will also fall into disbelief. Therefore, this claim is synonymous with denying the concept of the finality of prophethood. Indeed, there is no prophet after the Seal of Prophets, peace be upon him. Your Shariah will remain applicable until the Day of Judgment.


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