Surah Ad-Dhuha with English and Urdu translation1 min read

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Surah Ad-Dhuha with English and Urdu translation



Summary of Surah Az-Zuha

Surah Az-Zuha; The Holy Prophet () could not get up for Tahajjud for a few days due to illness, so a woman named Umm Jameel told him that his Lord had left him. Daylight with the night is one reality not separated and darkness with the night is one reality not separated. It is a declaration that the hereafter will be better with the exhortation to compare the world and the hereafter. On the Day of Resurrection, there is good news to please you regarding the ummah and then a reminder of the previous rewards that you worshiped the orphans, blessed them with wealth in poverty, and gave the Quranic Shariat to the ignorant of the Shariat and the orphans and the needy. Acknowledging the favors and rewards of Allah while sponsoring and worshiping the sick, they describe it in front of the people.

سورۃ الضحٰی کا خلاصہ

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