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Surah An-Nazi’at with English and Urdu Translation



Summary of Surah An-Nazi’at

Surat al-Nazi’at is Makki, which has 46 verses and two bows; this Surah also describes the different circumstances and conditions of the Day of Resurrection (why it will happen). He did not mention the oath; looking at the context of the word, the answer is understandable: (you will surely be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection). They will be beaten, and their eyes will be lowered due to terror, humiliation and regret (98). Still, today in the world, they are sitting as pharaohs, and they are not ready to accept the words of the Prophet of Allah, but perhaps they will end up as pharaohs. It is not known (15-36). The blind and the foolish do not think that Allah, who can make the firmament firm, can establish the system of day and night, lay the floor of the earth, can nail the mountains, can He them? (27-33) At the end of Surah, the question of the polytheists is mentioned, which they used to ask about the Day of Resurrection, considering it impossible. They asked this question because they were enamoured with the life of this world, and He believed that the life of this world is the real and eternal life, but on the day he will see the Resurrection, it will be known that he stayed in the world only for the last part or the first part of the day. (46)

سورة النازعات کا خلاصہ

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