Tawheed (Oneness) of Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala3 min read

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Tawheed (Oneness) of Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala

Tawheed (Oneness) of Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala

Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is One, with no partner.

The Eternity, Life, and Attributes of Allah

Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala has always existed and will always exist, meaning He has no beginning nor end. The first attribute in His intrinsic qualities is Life. Intrinsic qualities refer to those attributes that can be ascribed to Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala, while their opposites cannot. For example, attributes like Life, Power, Knowledge, Will, Hearing, Sight, Speech, Creation, and Formation are ascribed to Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala, while their opposites, such as Death, Powerlessness, Ignorance, etc., cannot be ascribed to Him. The meaning of the attribute of Life is that Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is Ever-Living, meaning He is Eternal, Ancient, and Everlasting. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala alone is deserving of all kinds of worship. None is worthy of worship except Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala. He alone declares what is lawful (Halal) and what is unlawful (Haram). No one has the right to declare what is lawful and unlawful except Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is described with the attribute of Oneness, meaning He is alone and unique in His essence and attributes. No one shares His essence, nor His attributes. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is the Creator and Owner of all things. He is present everywhere. He fulfills every need of His creation. He rescues from every difficulty. He satisfies the needs of every being. He plans the universe. He provides guidance. He forgives the sins of His creation and is free from any imperfection. All these attributes of Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala are eternal and unchangeable.

The Impact of Allah’s Power on His Creation

Just as Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is the Creator of human beings, He is also the Creator of their actions. He is the Creator of their habits, manners, and qualities. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is the Creator of both good and evil deeds. However, attributing the creation of evil deeds to Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala does not imply any flaw or defect in His essence. This is because the creation itself is praiseworthy, whether it is for good or for evil. However, what is praiseworthy and what is blameworthy is determined by Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is sometimes pleased and sometimes displeased, but His pleasure and displeasure are free from any imperfection. They are not like the pleasure and displeasure of His creation. He does not possess any attributes similar to those of His creation. All blessings and afflictions come from Him alone.

Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala Decisions

Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala decisions and actions are based on goodness and wisdom. There is no injustice in any of His decisions. The Quran contains some things that are established concerning Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala that may not have apparent meanings, such as “face,” “hand,” “pendulum,” etc. Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala is exempt from such bodily characteristics. It is essential to have faith that the intended meaning behind these terms is true. I believe in it. There is no likeness to Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala, no partner, no opposite, and no equal. No one can reject His decisions, and no one can question His actions. If He were to send all of His creation to Hell, no one could question Him. If He were to admit everyone to Paradise, still, no one could question Him, because no one has the right to impose any obligation on or question Him. The entry of the people of Paradise into Paradise is solely due to His grace and favor. No one has any right over Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala.

توحید باری تعالیٰ

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