Surah Al-Quraish with English and Urdu translation1 min read

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Surah Al-Quraish with English and Urdu translation



Summary of Surah Al-Quraish

Surah al-Quraish is the Makki surah. It has four verses; Allah has described two of his great favors to Quraish in this surah.

The first is that the Quraysh used to make commercial trips to Syria in summer and to Yemen in winter without any fear and these commercial trips were an effective means of livelihood for them.

The second favor is that they had the blessing of peace, contentment, and security in the land of Haram. By mentioning these two blessings, it has been explained to them that they should avoid self-deception, selfishness, and nationalism and worship the Lord of the House of Allah, who has blessed them with His blessings.

سورۃ القریش کا خلاصہ

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