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Surah Al-Maaoun with English and Urdu translation



Summary of Surah Al-Maa’oun

Surah Maun is Makki and has seven verses; this surah briefly mentions two groups of human beings.

One Those disbelievers who do not believe in the Day of Resurrection suppress the rights of orphans and deal harshly with them, do not feed the poor and needy themselves, and do not encourage others. It is as if their relationship with Allah is not correct, nor with Allah’s servants.

The second fall belongs to the hypocrites. Their three ugly attributes are described here:

  • The first is that they are heedless of prayer. This neglect can be in two ways: the prayer is not performed at all.
  • The second is that prayer should be offered, but the observance of time should not be taken into account, nor should humility be taken into consideration. The second attribute is that they act to show off.
  • The third attribute is that they are so miserly that they refuse to give things of general need.

سورة الماعون کا خلاصہ

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